A love potion with magical natural colour changing botanicals

Gin is one of the world’s original aphrodisiacs and now you can craft your own bespoke infusion in less than 24 hours in the comfort of your own home. Simply add one of our hand-picked botanical blend sachets to any vodka and let the chemistry take place. 

Create two bottles of your dream gin blend in just four simple steps in under 24 hours. It’s an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary or a birthday. Just a little something to show that special someone you know what tantalises their taste buds. And exclusive to this kit are two extra-special sachets of natural colour-changing botanicals: one to create a blushing rose-red gin, and one to make a sumptuous violet-blue gin. 

This kit contains: 750 ml Italian glass bottle, label, filter papers, funnel, sieve, two botanical mix sachets (which include juniper berries) and two extra sachets of spectacular colour-changing botanicals.

This product is offered exclusively to wholesale customers for retail sales. It combines features of our bestselling online products (blended gin mixes) in stylish packaging that is better suited to retail locations.

Proudly made in the UK by Gin Etc.

Love Potion
Use by date December 2022.
SKU: 108106

This kit has a wholesale price of £13.75 + VAT with a rrp of £32.99 

As the kits contain no alcohol there is no need for a licence to retail this product.

The kits are packed in tubes 31cm high and 11 cm in diameter and are sold in cases of six. 

Orders valued over £300 will be shipped free of charge.

For orders or enquiries please email Lynda at studio@kitchenprovisions.co.uk or call on 07768 454844

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